Where are you
Performed by Ayça Bulut and Jason Lanz, Music by Nicolas Stucky
Lyrics by Susanna Orga, Nicolas Stucky, Jason Lanz, Ayça Bulut
Arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Matthias Heimlicher at HEIMLICHER.NET, Lommiswil/Switzerland
Drum Programming, Percussion, Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Keyboards by Matthias Heimlicher


Blue sky, sunny day, the sun warms our hearts.
It’s going to be a perfect day, but not everyone is here.
She’ll be here in a little while, we are waiting for her.

Melanie, it cannot be.
But it is true.
Where are you?
Melanie, it cannot be.
But it is true.
Where are you?

What does it mean, that you’re not here,
we don’t know why.
A cloud covers the shiny sun, it’s going to be cold.
Our hearts freeze and we can’t believe,
that you had to go… go…
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--- Refrain ---

We will miss your friendly smile,
your laughs, happiness and way you were.
We will keep this in our hearts,
all the memories of you. of you… of you…

--- Refrain ---

We know, you will never come back
but you will live in our hearts.
It will take time until the dark cloud is gone.
From now on you will be our sun.